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This is the backstory for the video game Lerp.


Sol approached the device with trepidation, mesmerized by the multidimensional dance of hues and patterns. He raised his hand to touch it, but hesitated just inches away.

“By the stars,” he whispered, “the essence of reality itself interwoven inside of this.”

Nova slowly walked toward it, “It’s captivating, it must contain information about past revelations!”

With his eyes locked on Nova, Sol’s voice lowered, “Be careful, Nova. The consequences of activating it are uncertain.” His voice reverberated throughout the abandoned, overgrown laboratory.

Nova felt the weight of the uncertainty ahead. But she also knew they had come too far to back down. “But we’ve come all this way! We owe it to ourselves, to those before us and to those after us to see this through.”

The Orb, named Apatia, was a glowing sphere about two meters in diameter floating above a lapis lazuli pedestal. The entity didn’t seem to belong to this world or any other Nova and Sol had ever known.

Its surface was a radiant manifestation of dynamic and soothing animations. Within its lustrous, translucent boundary, it held a crystalline structure resembling a tesseract, the four-dimensional analogue of the cube, with its geometries constantly shifting and folding onto themselves.

It moved in an ever-changing spectrum of colors that appeared to bleed into one another, like watching a rainbow aurora within a transparent globe. Zeo’s expertise had led them to this point, but offered no guidance on the next steps. In the face of their final goal they found themselves at a loss. 

Sol felt a magnetic pull to the Orb that resonated in his core. His heart pounded relentlessly in his chest. Taking a deep breath, he summoned a quiet determination he didn’t know he possessed. He raised his hand toward the Orb, his eyes never straying from its brilliance. His fingertips tingled, the sensation creeping up his arm and feeding his intrigue.

A moment of hesitation crept in as he neared the surface of the Orb, casting surreal reflections in his eyes. He glanced back at Nova, seeking strength in her presence. Her eyes held an unspoken mix of emotions: fear, hope, uncertainty, and a fierce determination that matched his own. Then, with a deep, steadying breath, Sol extended his arm and reached out to touch the Orb.

The moment his fingertips grazed its misty surface, an inexplicable force surged through both Sol and Nova. They were lifted off the ground as though an invisible hand swept beneath them and hoisted them up into the air.


Chapter 1: Beyond the Possible

Five days prior, Zeo, the Zeroth Environmental Optimizer, had declared its choice: Nova and Sol were to find Apatia. The room was engulfed in a tense silence, interrupted only by the audible gasps of disbelief from some of the 22 children. Nova and Sol exchanged glances, a mix of shock and suspicion in their eyes.

Sol raised an eyebrow, “You’ve got to be kidding, right? Out of everyone, you pick the two of us who can’t stand being in the same room together?”

Nova, equally shocked, added, “There must be some error in your algorithms, Zeo. This can’t be right!”

Zeo calmly replied, “My computations reveal that you together represent the best chance of success.”

Zeo recognized that their past disagreements also meant they had an unmatched understanding of each other’s tendencies and thought processes. Though not ideal, out of the small group of available candidates, they had potential.

Zeo’s voice held a hint of reverence as it continued, “I’m operating on an ancient algorithm, a protocol passed down from a long-forgotten civilization. They were visionaries, understanding that often, the most unexpected choices yield the greatest outcomes.”

Sol narrowed his eyes. “And who were these visionaries? How can we trust an algorithm from an era gone by from an unknown civilization that believes we can achieve what seems… beyond the possible?”

Zeo’s digital interface illuminated brighter for a moment. “Yes, Sol. ‘Beyond the possible’ is where true innovation and transformation lie. It’s where legends are born and where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.”

Nova, gazing out of the nearby window at the vast expanse, whispered to herself, “Maybe it’s time to redefine what’s possible.”

Zeo’s lights flickered momentarily, “The creators of the protocol remain a mystery, even to me. But their foresight has proven accurate in the past.”

Zeo’s holographic projection appeared as a translucent, ever-shifting entity, defying any fixed form or conventional identity. The projection effortlessly morphed between a diverse array of animals and enigmatic creatures.

This allowed it to convey emotions and messages in ways beyond words. When it wanted to express curiosity, it morphed into a whimsical hybrid creature that combined elements of a monkey, parrot and dolphin. If it wished to convey strength and resilience, it took on the form of an imposing and majestic lion, its mane radiating a bright orange fiery glow.

As Zeo delivered the following words of caution, it transformed into an ancient owl. Its form exuded sagacity, with large, observant eyes that delved into the core of one’s essence. The owl’s feathers were a rich tapestry of earthy browns and deep grays. It perched regally on a virtual branch, its feathers rustling slightly as it emphasized the importance of discernment and intuition. The owl’s presence was a visual metaphor for the need to be vigilant when navigating the unknown realms they were about to explore.

“Sol, Nova,” Zeo’s voice echoed slightly, “you’re about to set forth on an expedition into unknown realms. You’ll encounter some who will cloak themselves in the guise of expertise. They may do so out of pride, to appear more knowledgeable than they truly are. Remember this: be very discerning about whose words you trust. Double check and use your intuition.” 

The next morning Zeo began training Nova and Sol for their expedition. They would need to decipher ancient clues that required an advanced sense of pattern recognition and problem-solving. Nova took a deep breath, the weight of the task sinking in. They navigated numerous cryptographic challenges, solving problem after problem.

Sol looked at the expansive data before them, then turned to Nova with a smirk. “What’s next on our syllabus, Professor Nova?”

Nova responded, “How about some good ol’ ancient dad jokes? Like, why don’t scientists trust atoms?”

Sol rolled his eyes. “I give up. Why?”

“Because they make up everything!” 

“Ha, that’s actually a pretty good joke,” Sol conceded.

Nova laughed, “Come on, Zeo! You can’t leave us hanging. Do you have any good jokes up your digital sleeves?”

Zeo hesitated before replying, “Why did the photon refuse to check luggage at the spaceport?”

Nova looked intrigued, “I don’t know, why?”

“Because it was traveling light!”

Both Nova and Sol burst into laughter. As they continued their prep work, the trio frequently broke the seriousness with humor and camaraderie, reminding themselves that while the task was enormous, levity was the key to enjoying the journey. Yet, despite these moments, they still had their clashes. 

They continued learning navigation, topographical data, and wilderness survival training. Virtual reality simulations provided them an experience close to real-life scenarios, teaching them to adapt quickly to unexpected situations.

They learned to move swiftly, climb, swim, and withstand harsh elements, their bodies becoming as well-prepared as their minds. They delved into understanding how the previous ancient civilization had created Apatia. How Apatia held within its sphere a compendium of knowledge, and an intricate guide to a harmonious world crafted from the echoes of the advanced civilization’s aspirations.

Nova’s thirst for knowledge led her to unexplored places. Answers gravitated toward her in the face of dilemmas. With eyes a deep color of emerald, coupled with her dark burgundy hair, she was unforgettable. When she spoke, her voice, both lyrical and strong, demanded the room’s focus, never hesitating to voice her thoughts. For Nova, life was a vast mosaic waiting to be assembled. 

Sol was complex and multifaceted. His clear blue eyes held the depth of the oceans, hinting at the mysteries within his being. But it was Sol’s artistic talents that truly defined him. He expressed himself through various art forms, bringing beauty and meaning to the world. 

Zeo continued imparting necessary wisdom, “Nova, Sol, you are not simply inhabitants of this world; you are its stewards, its co-creators. Every element, no matter how seemingly insignificant, contributes to the balance of existence. When you don’t acknowledge their value, the balance is thrown off. All is one manifesting in endless varieties. At the most fundamental level, everything is composed of the same elementary particles, interconnecting us all in a singular lattice. This unity isn’t just philosophical; it’s as tangible as the way cells collectively form a being. And like a single cell, each action you take, however small, affects the whole, reverberating back to you. Be kind to the universe and it will be kind to you.

“By nurturing every facet of this, we’re fostering a world where harmony prevails. Animals hold threads just as vital and vibrant as ours. Their welfare isn’t just an ethical responsibility, but a reflection of our understanding of this universal bond. In valuing the rights of everyone, we elevate our collective consciousness and the very essence of who we are, achieving consonance.

“This mission to recover Apatia, is a path to that understanding. In each step, in each challenge faced and overcome, you are peeling back the layers of illusion. You are the universe exploring itself, learning itself, and ultimately, loving itself. This is your purpose Nova and Sol. Based on the information in the clues, the first temple, Julius’ Castle, is approximately 133 kilometers to the east.”

A map appeared before them, created by Zeo using satellite imagery and geological data from before the Great Freeze. Zeo highlighted a route that would take them through a dense forest, through a dried-up lakebed, and up a mountain, at the top of which the first temple was located.

“Obviously, we’ll need to travel carefully in the forest,” Nova remarked. “We wouldn’t want to disturb any ‘friendly’ inhabitants.”

Sol quipped, “Feel free to take the lead; I’d love to watch you navigate that!”

“Oh please! I’m not the one who got us lost last time we all took that trip.”

Before Sol could retort, Zeo chimed in, “Enough, both of you. We have a monumental task ahead, and such arguments won’t help us achieve our goal. Focus on the mission, and let’s strategize our approach. I suggest you start at dawn. This will give us enough daylight to navigate through the forest and reach the lakebed by sunset.”

Nova and Sol reluctantly agreed to Zeo’s proposal. They spent the remaining night preparing, their hearts filled with apprehension for the expedition ahead. With the dawn breaking, casting long shadows, and bathing the world in a golden gleam, Sol and Nova were…still sleeping! 

Zeo’s interface slowly lit a warm hue, emulating the morning’s soft light. “Nova, Sol,” Zeo’s voice resonated, “it’s time to wake up and face the challenges that await.” Nova groggily pulled her blanket over her head. Sol mumbled, “Just another five minutes.” They both lagged and it took them another three hours to finally make it out the door.

Zeo, with an exaggerated sigh, remarked, “At this rate, we are now approximately… 12.5% behind schedule. It’s practically the end of the world as we know it!”

Nova, struggling to keep a straight face, replied, “That’s quite the catastrophic miscalculation on our part.”

Sol, rubbing his eyes, grumbled, “Three hours isn’t so bad, right? Besides, who needs a head start when you have charm?”

“Charm won’t get you through the forest and up the hill,” Nova teased.

“Maybe not,” Sol retorted, “but it got me an extra few hours of sleep.”

They equipped their mountain bikes with panniers that attached to the sides of their bikes. Each had a multi-tool, a compact first-aid kit, a portable water filter, and energy-dense food bars. They also brought a digital solar tablet for communication with Zeo. To keep them warm in the potentially harsh weather, they wore layered clothing and carried thermal blankets.

Their bikes provided independence and mobility, allowing them to traverse various terrains and maneuver through narrow hidden paths. As they pedaled forward, their bikes became an extension of themselves, gliding effortlessly through the landscapes. They relished in the sense of liberation that cycling provided.

With each pedal, their connection to their bikes deepened. Effortlessly, they glided through the enchanting landscapes that unfolded before them. The wind whispered through the trees, the sensation of the forest beneath their wheels brought them a sense of liberation, as the constraints of life melted away.

The sunlight filtered through the canopy, casting dappled patterns on the forest floor. The air danced with a peaceful zephyr, carrying the delicate fragrance of wildflowers and the earthy aroma of moss-covered trees. The sky stretched above them, adorned with fluffy clouds that drifted lazily across the topaz canvas. It was a day filled with the perfect balance of warmth and coolness, creating an ideal atmosphere for their exhilarating ride.

Graceful white birds with long, slender bright orange beaks soared above. The vibrant chorus of frogs and crickets enveloped them in an enchanting concert. The animals had evolved over thousands of years, and had undergone extraordinary adaptations that set them apart from their ancestors. The frogs displayed intricate patterns and vivid colors on their skin. Some had developed translucent membranes on their webbed feet, allowing them to glide effortlessly through the air, resembling miniature parachutes. The crickets had evolved unique wings with opaline patterns that reflected the light in mesmerizing ways.

With each passing moment, Nova and Sol felt a gratitude for the opportunity to experience the world with such freedom. The forest became their playground, their bikes the wings that carried them. Like free-spirited birds, they flowed through the winding paths. The Great Freeze had receded, and signs of life were slowly returning. Verdant grasses started to reclaim the barren ground.

The natural serenity, combined with the rhythmic and almost meditative act of cycling, had a calming effect on them both. Gradually, their conversation shifted from snarky remarks to shared observations, light jokes, and mutual encouragement. The physical act of moving forward, side by side, began to mirror their evolving relationship, reminding them that working in harmony was far more productive and enjoyable than their previous antagonism.

As the sun began its descent, painting the sky in hues of peach and lilac, they reached the dried lakebed and found a suitable spot to make their first camp. They set about their tasks with practiced efficiency, born from the years of survival training they’d undergone. Nova gathered dried leaves and twigs, building a small fire pit. Sol unfurled their compact tents and set them up in a secure location.

Once their rudimentary camp was made, they huddled around the small fire that Nova had sparked into life. Zeo projected its comforting warmth, illuminating the campsite further. After a meal of nutrient-rich bars, they discussed their plans for the following day.

Eventually, their talk quieted, replaced with the sounds of the night. They were exhausted from biking all day. They fed the fire a few more sticks before retiring to their respective tents. Despite the unknown, they felt contentment as they settled into their sleeping bags. There was a shared silence, a tranquil stillness that descended upon the camp. It was a world away from the hustle of the community they’d known, yet a feeling of home lingered in the air. 

“Goodnight, Nova,” Sol’s voice echoed softly, carried by the calm wind.

“Goodnight, Sol,” Nova responded. 

They closed their eyes to the sounds of the lullaby of the night, their minds already dreaming of what the new day promised.

Nova and Sol were abruptly woken from their slumber by an eerie, scratching noise. Their eyes flew open in the darkness, their breaths hitching in their throats. The noise was getting louder.

Instantly, Zeo activated the sensors they’d attached to the outer layers of their tents. Zeo scanned the area outside, projecting a real-time 3D image. A large, shadowy figure lurked on the outskirts of their camp, its form vague and shapeless in the darkness.

“Is it a threat?” whispered Nova.

Zeo ran through its database, analyzing the shape, movement, and thermal signatures. It responded, “The creature is a descendant of a polar bear. It must be attracted to the smell of our food supplies.”

In the wake of a warming climate, the descendants of the polar bear had undergone remarkable adaptations to survive in their changing environment. These new beings were known as solar bears.

The solar bear retained its polar ancestors’ sturdy build and majestic presence, but its appearance had evolved to suit the new challenges it faced. Its once snowy white fur had become lighter, taking on a more golden hue that blended seamlessly with the sun-drenched landscapes. The sleek and dense coat provided insulation against both heat and cold.

Zeo analyzed the situation and offered a suggestion. “We could try emitting a high-pitched noise. Bears are sensitive to certain frequencies, and it might startle the creature enough.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sol replied. Zeo accessed knowledge about the most effective frequency and adjusted the acoustic modulator settings to activate the high-pitched sound.

The bear was disoriented for a moment, pausing its attack. It became clear that their current plan was not enough to deter the determined animal.

“We need to find something more potent,” Nova said, thinking quickly. “I remember reading about some plants that bears find repulsive. If we can find and burn those nearby, it might drive the bear away.”

Taking advantage of the brief respite, the two of them split up, searching for the specific plants Nova had mentioned. After a few minutes, they both returned with handfuls of the pungent leaves. With a spark from their fire-starting tools, they set the leaves ablaze, and a strong, unpleasant odor filled the air. The bear recoiled at the scent, growling in discomfort as it disappeared into the trees.

“High five!” Sol exclaimed, lifting his hand up.

Nova and Sol slapped their palms together, smiling at one another. They were more alert now, their hearts pounding in their chests and brimming with newfound confidence. They had faced their first challenge together and came out unscathed.

They knew this would not be easy, but they were learning, adapting, and growing stronger with each passing day. As the morning sun rose above the horizon, Sol and Nova stirred from their sleep and prepared to continue toward the temple.